Everything you need to know about SMO gold

Have you ever considered where the metal of your jewellery comes from? Better yet, does it occur to you if your jewellery is responsibly sourced, made ethically, and produced with high quality? If so, then you may be interested in having your jewellery made with SMO gold.

Single mine origin gold is traceable gold that has come from a single responsibly run mine. The SMO gold is sourced from the Hummingbird Resources Yanfolila Gold Mine which is located in Mali. The organisation that produces SMO gold ensures that the mine meets strict ethical, environmental as well as health and safety standards that adhere to the World Gold Council’s responsible gold mining principles.

SMO gold provides a trustworthy and affordable solution that isn’t found with regular metals. Typically, you may find that to have ethical gold incorporated in your jewellery, it can come at a great expenditure, however SMO gives both jewellers and consumers a more environmentally conscious option without being exceptionally expensive. The SMO hallmark can guarantee that your gold is conflict free, giving you confidence and peace of mind. Not only is SMO gold responsibly sourced, the working conditions by which the gold is made are safe and fair.

SMO gold operates with responsibility and integrity, giving back to the community, adding social benefits to the area. Yanifolila has spent over $400,000 on projects dedicated to bettering the community. This includes well-being benefits such as installing multiple water supply systems that benefit over 5,000 locals and building a local healthcare centre that has treated malnutrition. Other social benefits include the sponsorship of 20 local teachers and multiple school infrastructure projects, help for those previously involved in dangerous and illegal artisanal mining and fairly paid jobs for local people.

The socioeconomic issues and environmental damage that often occur during gold mining are eliminated with the SMO gold mining process. There are strict environmental project and policies put in place to ensure that there is no social or ecological harm is taking place. It’s safe to say that with a global increased awareness of ethical and environmental issues, more customers are concerned with the nature and conditions that their jewellery is being made, and the impact of that production process.  With that being said, in order to have a positive environmental impact and gravitate towards are more sustainable and ethically conscious society, we can start with SMO gold.