COVID-19 has affected our lives in the short term through self-isolation.  But the impact is a long term one when we consider the behavioural change that we have been forced to undertake to procure goods that we would otherwise purchase in a physical store.

Nowhere is this more prevalent than the jewellery industry.  As a luxury provider we often deal with people who are not comfortable purchasing jewellery online.  The two main reasons are very valid; it seems a risky commitment for an item you haven't seen, and the lack of satisfaction of having gone through a number of options before settling on a certain item.

In the short term we can't fix the latter, but rest assured we have some long term ideas for this area!  However the risk attached with an online purchase of jewellery is offset by dealing with reputable companies.

We highly recommend dealing with online companies who also have a physical store.  You may not be able to visit them whilst government restrictions are in place, but at least you know that they are real and have reviews of their physical store online (Google, Trip Advisor, etc).  

Don't be afraid to email or phone the company.  If you get a personal response within an acceptable timeframe then it's another good sign.

Gems Jewellers is a relatively new online site but we have been an established jewellers within Hatton Garden London for over 20 years.  If there's anything about our site or our business that you need to speak to us about then get in touch via email.  Due to the restrictions in place we have temporarily removed our phone number as there won't be anyone in our store to answer, but we will get back to you either via email or our call you as soon as we see your query.

Once the restrictions are lifted we plan on having a lot more stock available for you to view and purchase.

Feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have.

Stay safe!

Manjinder (Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder, Gems Jewellers)